Never Buy a Sherbet Dip Dab from a Card Shop


I could not dip

Nor could I dab

This old sherbet in a bag


My lolly struggled to break the rocks

The lolly itself, far too pale and soft

Once eaten I recruited the use of my thumb

Before resorting to my tongue


I could not dip

Nor could I dab

This old sherbet in a bag


I only went in for a notebook

It stole my heart with just one look

Usually happiness in a little yellow bag

It nearly ruined my afternoon.

(Disclosure: I still ate it, it wasn’t that bad)


But I remembered luckier times

When I looked inside to find

Two lolly pops not one

Those where heady days

Alas, those days are gone


To where can I assign the blame

For this under-par fizzy dippy game?

Perhaps it was forgotten

Due to a non-existent stock rotation

Not meeting, never mind exceeding

This customers’ expectations


I could not dip

Nor could I dab

This old sherbet in a bag


I would accept by way of refund

A lifetime supply

Of sherbet dip dabs

Or indeed, stationary

Or (on presentation of original receipt) 49p


I know now why it was in the sale

For this is a card shop

Not a sweet shop

And Folks, your sherbet is stale


Memory Foam Heart

You said you’d never forget me

That your heart was like memory foam

It held me safely in place


I had to remind you

That every time I leave

Memory foam forgets my shape


Forget my name

Memory foam heart

Forget my shape,

Forget my form

And when I am gone

Forget what I said

Forget that I begged

To never be forgotten;

I was wrong


Just promise me instead

To move on

And let me leave no trace

The Frequency of Conch Shells

My mistake was a common one:
Believing you
When you said that you were OK

I never got to tell you
Success is too often measured by how full your life is
Instead of how often you feel alive
In those moments of perfect stillness
Where your heart can reconnect
With mountains and shorelines
And the frequency of conch shells
Telling you the truth about what really exists

If you want to know never ending beauty
You’ve got to let it begin
Find it where it’s missing
Find it in everything

I never got to show you
How an ocean of hope can come from one drop of kindness
And through unbelievable sadness
There is a shoulder of a not-quite-stranger
Who chooses not to leave
And their smile
Comes as a wave over sand that
Is moved enough to shine again
If only for a while

I look back for signs I shouldn’t have missed
But I can’t see anything before now, before this
I hope one day I’ll have more answers
But for now
I breathe and disbelieve

So I listen to hollow shells screaming
Of oceans they once loved
And were held by

And the truth is
Love was not enough
If you forget that it exists



Love Never Fades

In imperfection
In daylight
And in indifference

With no regrets
With no boundaries
No doubt

Love means there is no question
For you know it is the answer
Your heart speaks to its other

It never gives up on you
It patiently waits
Love takes you back home
Love never fades

Love outlasts hope
Becomes what you are living for
Love like there is no end
Or don’t love at all