We Turn to Dust

I will always search for you in places you would be found
I go there knowing you are in my heart, my blood my love
I close my eyes and you are near enough to touch
I look up
And it is just
An empty world
Sea and air and sand
Alone on a beach of strangers
With time pouring through my hands


Only Love

noun: distillation

‘the purification or concentration of a substance, the obtaining of the essence or volatile properties contained in it, or the separation of one substance from another, by such a process.’

Some days the hardest part
Is thinking of that someone

And only feeling all the Love

Instead of all the loss

And that I still have to tell myself to try hurts all the more

And yes it seems unfair 

That I should live without the whole of that Love when it was so complete in life

Now refracted like the sun by the rain

Splintered perfect light

And I find a universal unfairness for every soul that tries but fails to see only Love

When they remember someone who’s gone

Because where there is Love

There will always be some pain

Can there ever be only Love?

You are not alone but you have to know

If there can then it is in the living days.

So do not delay in training your brain to distil from happiness and all you’ve experienced only Love 
Let any hurt be gone. Just let it evaporate. Love is the distillate.

For Love is a compound after life has left; memories come pre-mixed, happy with sad and Love is joined by loss at the hip

It is hard to separate, however strong it was, however strong it is

In life let Love be pure while you can. Now is the only time

To forgive



Until there is

Only Love left


You look at me
With eyes of an empty skull
A scar where
Your heart used to be
It wasn’t your fault
You just wanted to be free
But couldn’t wait
So you dreamt your life away
Until you could not wake

You are so cold in the night air
A life, a bullet
So small tonight
Held in the wrong hands
Held in the balance
Now embedded in the land
You fought so hard to see the day
When the free will break away
But you didn’t have the chance

You learnt a lesson all too late
Did you write your own fate?
Or was it up in the stars
Staring down into your face?
See their reflections in the water
Gently float away
I know you’re like the river
Running free again
Running through my veins

You’re in the falling leaves
The seasons as they change
Out of our control
Who took your world
And made life on it so small?
Remove the intruder
Make it better and new
Weightless, I fear
There’s nothing I can do
They pat their own backs
But you always said
The enemy lies within
Now your sad eyes
Fill mine
And I don’t know where to begin
Trying to explain
What you mean to me
And how I understand your conflict with reality

I can’t keep you,
Fill your heart back up
And warm your blood with my love
So sure of your own mind
You were always trying to find
A place to be
You found yourself
Wanting too much to be free

I look at you
My head so full
Of waste
With an empty place
Where my heart used to be
It wasn’t your fault
You just wanted to be free
But couldn’t wait
So you dreamt your life away
Until you could not wake

Last Summer

I wanted to show you stretched out fields kept behind gates,
To lean over them and lay within, hidden in an embrace
Take you to the breaking of the day
And spend the rest of it with you putting it all back together again
I was going to take you far away
To those places where the minutes quieten down into birdsong
And slow to a piece of long golden grass being chewed
As we squint into the scorching yellow
I know a place where the roses grow wild and tall
And never let themselves fade from their just-kissed blood-red shade
I found a patch of clover as yet untouched by love
Shaped like a heart when seen from above
I wanted to run into the clear sky to put more blue into my eyes
I had planned to take your hand so I could feel what it was like to hold everything I wanted
And to feel I was somewhere where I belonged and did not long to be somewhere else for once