My mistake was a common one:
Believing you
When you said that you were OK

I never got to tell you
Success is too often measured by how full your life is
Instead of how often you feel alive
In those moments of perfect stillness
Where your heart can reconnect
With mountains and shorelines
And the frequency of conch shells
Telling you the truth about what really exists

If you want to know never ending beauty
You’ve got to let it begin
Find it where it’s missing
Find it in everything

I never got to show you
How an ocean of hope can come from one drop of kindness
And through unbelievable sadness
There is a shoulder of a not-quite-stranger
Who chooses not to leave
And their smile
Comes as a wave over sand that
Is moved enough to shine again
If only for a while

I look back for signs I shouldn’t have missed
But I can’t see anything before now, before this
I hope one day I’ll have more answers
But for now
I breathe and disbelieve

So I listen to hollow shells screaming
Of oceans they once loved
And were held by

And the truth is
Love was not enough
If you forget that it exists