I can only imagine
How you look in the first light
As reality hits your half open eyes
What order your dreams fall in
And how they land like first snow
Falling from sunny skies

I can only compare you
To things I do not fully understand
But still believe in with no doubt
To flowers growing through frosty ground
That wait to open on a day I most need to see
Something more beautiful than life can ever be

I can only know you
Like a favourite song
You are in every bird’s tune
Through the dusk to the dawn
My heart sings an opera
When you walk into the room

I can only keep you
Like a picture in a locket
A heart over my heart
This is all I have of you
Snippets of your spirit
I weave into my own

I can only love you
With every atom of my imperfect being
I can only love you
Like this